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Clinical Study Volunteers: What to Expect

When you call PPD to inquire about being a clinical study volunteer, a PPD representative will talk with you about your medical history. If you meet the criteria for a clinical study, we will ask you to come to the clinic for a screening visit and consultation.

During the screening visit, a medical staff member will talk to you about the parameters of the clinical research study and discuss any known side effects associated with it. We will answer your questions about participation in the study, and you will be asked to sign an informed consent form.

For a glimpse of day-to-day life in our healthy volunteer (Phase I) clinic in Austin, Texas, view our virtual tour.

To determine if you meet the requirements for the study, a physical exam will be conducted. It may include:

  • Measurement of your height, weight, temperature and blood pressure
  • A heart trace (electrocardiogram)
  • An analysis of blood and urine
  • Other diagnostic tests as required by the study protocol

All information that you supply to PPD or that we obtain in the screening process will be kept confidential.

If you qualify as a volunteer for the clinical study, you will be contacted to schedule your participation. As with any clinical research study, you are free to withdraw your participation at any time.

Whether you qualify for the study or not, a clinic staff member will confidentially share with you the results of your physical examination and any screening tests that have been done. Should the results of your screening tests or physical examination warrant additional follow-up from a health care provider, the clinic staff will notify you.

You must be available to remain in the clinic for the entire period of the study. The length of stay in the clinic varies with each study. Medical and support staff provide the highest level of care to ensure your safety and comfort while participating in a study. Meals, accommodations, entertainment and recreation facilities are provided at the clinic.


Certain outpatient volunteer studies require only a few hours at the clinic on designated days. Short-term weekend studies will accommodate work and student schedules, while long-term studies may last from one week to a month or more. You must be available to remain in the clinic for the entire period of the study.

Compensation depends on the study duration and involvement required by the volunteer.

Medical Supervision

During the clinical study, supervision and around-the-clock care are provided by full-time professional personnel, including physicians, pharmacists, paramedics and dieticians. The staff is committed to providing the highest level of service to study volunteers to ensure their safety and comfort.

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