Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Job Profile

PPD offers great opportunities for clinical research associates (CRAs). We offer increased income potential, outstanding career progression and exposure to cutting-edge technology.

Our CRAs Enjoy:

  • A clinical team approach to supporting sites, resulting in our CRAs being responsible for less administrative and site management tasks

  • Benefits that take into consideration the needs of a CRA, a membership in an airline comfort club and a travel program that rewards CRAs with additional days of PTO or cash

  • Continued career advancement as a CRA and career advancement to home-based management opportunities

Benefits of Working as a CRA with PPD

  • Flexibility to work in a remote-based capacity for most CRA positions

  • Virtual initial and ongoing training via our next-generation and award-winning communications and training platform

  • Career advancement opportunities to move into home-based manager positions, clinical team manager (oversee the clinical monitoring portion of the study, no direct reports) or clinical manager – CRA (“CRA manager” supervises a team of direct-report CRAs)

  • Smartphone provided by PPD (or the ability to use your own iPhone or Android smartphone for business and personal use with a $70 a month reimbursement)

  • Up to a $50 a month reimbursement for home-office internet

  • Corporate American Express

  • Frequent flyer miles retained by the employee for personal use. After your first six months of employment, an airline club membership is provided to those that travel at least monthly

  • A “nights out” reward program for frequent travelers

    • If you travel 35 to 39 nights per quarter (~50%), you choose between $350 or one additional day of PTO

    • If you travel 40 to 44 nights per quarter (~60%), you choose between $700 or two additional days of PTO

    • If you travel 45+ nights per quarter (~70%), you choose between $1,050 or three additional days of PTO

  • $46 to $71 range for meal per diem (CRAs do not need to collect meal receipts)

CRAs play a vital role in meeting our commitment to our clients. They are responsible for:

  • Reviewing study case report forms (CRFs) completed by the investigative sites, and verifying entries by validating accurate source documentation to support CRF entries

  • Documenting site visits and issues in reports and follow-up letters to the site

  • Facilitating effective communications among investigative sites, the client and PPD

  • Identifying potential investigators in collaboration with the client

  • Responding to company, client and federal regulatory requirements/audits

  • Contributing to the project team by mentoring new members, assisting in preparation of project communications and tools, and sharing ideas and suggestions with team members

Career opportunities include the following positions:

  • CRA I

  • CRA II

  • Senior CRA I

  • Senior CRA II

  • Principal CRA

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