Track Record of Proven Success

Choosing where to spend your career can be a decision as personal as choosing where to live, or what type of car to drive. Coworkers, office environment, training and location can all play into this decision. In this series of videos, Terry Mann, associate director of clinical management, explains why he chose PPD. Terry began at PPD 15 years ago as a research assistant. He was promoted to his current management role through training, promotion, guidance and support.

In this first clip, Terry discusses the challenges and pride of working as a clinical research associate for PPD.

PPD prides itself on industry-leading training for clinical research associates (CRAs). This training allows CRAs to approach their roles with the most up-to-date information, tools and confidence to work through challenges. In this video, Terry discusses why PPD’s strong training programs, along with his inspiring and encouraging managers, have kept him at the company.

In this final clip, Terry talks about PPD’s track record of proven success and network of support, along with opportunities PPD offers to grow and develop.