Team-Building in Paris

PPD employees in Paris, France, participated in a team-building painting exercise. The goal of the event was to decorate the walls of the Paris office with art painted by employees.

The collection of finished art represents the PPD mission and values, the steps in the drugs development and the different roles within PPD. The team-building committee in the Paris office worked ahead of the event to design six different paintings.

Following a fruitful brainstorming session, the six paintings were drawn by two professional artists. These pre-designed paintings were then used as examples for the employees.

“It was a nice surprise for the employees who were invited to a painting team-building event when they saw all tables covered with paper, paint and brushes,” said Nathalie Giraud, director of clinical management. “The aim for me was to reinforce the cohesion, work together and make all the employees proud of what they achieved.”

At the team-building exercise, some of the canvases were explained, but employees were not given the whole picture. That was kept for them to uncover at the end of the event.

“We had a fantastic and creative time together. It was fun! We are very proud of the results and what we were able to achieve as a team,” said Nathalie. “At the beginning of the event, we could not imagine the results. At the end, it was amazing!”

The paintings now hang on the corridor walls of the Paris office and in the work areas. One of the most favorite paintings that was completed represents a doctor with a patient that has a chance for better health thanks to newly developed drugs.

Paris Team-Building Event Painting