Going for Gold

Nicola Barker, Principal Trainer

PPD’s clinical management team in the Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) regions organizes an annual Clinical Spotlight Cup, a friendly soccer competition. This was the largest tournament the team has planned!

The 2016 Clinical Spotlight Cup took place in Madrid, Spain, which is the country of the previous year’s winners. A dedicated local team accepted the challenge of and succeeded in finding an adequate tournament location with access to public transportation and enough space for a large number of people.

About 600 PPD employees joined the Clinical Spotlight Cup, representing 19 countries. There were 35 matches throughout the day among the16 teams formed for the main tournament and four teams for a women-only tournament.

All teams were very motivated and played hard. The 15-minute matches were without breaks or changing sides. Each team played at least three games to qualify for the elimination round.

In the finals for the main tournament, the Serbian team “Bros” played against the Ukrainian team “Cossacks United.” The “Bros” won, while the Italian team reached third place. There were special prizes given for the top scorer and the best goalkeeper.

The women’s tournament included employee teams from Italy, Spain and France. Italy won first place, Spain came in second and France third.

Although PPD employees are involved, the Clinical Spotlight Cup is privately organized and would not be possible without the dedication and efforts of the local organization committee and many assistants on the ground. For 2017, the teams are already training and the committee is well into planning!

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