Quality Career Training

elizabeth weeks, employee, craElizabeth Weeks is a principal clinical research associate based in San Diego, California.  

When I became a clinical research associate (CRA) in 2000, I had no concept where my career in clinical research would take me. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to travel across the United States discussing clinical research with brilliant physicians who have expanded my therapeutic knowledge and understanding.

PPD is deeply invested in the training and development of its employees. I know this firsthand because my career continues to flourish as a result of PPD’s culture of professional development.

The strong training core is what initially drew me to apply for a position with PPD in 2005. I had heard stories of the intensive training course all new CRAs participate in and understood it challenges even the most experienced monitor’s knowledge. 

I was a little daunted when I walked into the Morrisville, North Carolina, classroom the first day of training. Gratitude replaced apprehension when I discovered I was working for an organization willing to provide new employees with the highest standard of research training and create a positive dynamic from the start of their employment. The training was a wonderful learning experience and reminder of the importance of continuing education. It validated my current expertise and exponentially increased my knowledge base. I completed the program a more confident monitor.  

After those challenging classes, my interest in training and education grew and resulted in a hybrid CRA/trainer position. I helped educate new CRA trainees about monitoring and site management with the very tools PPD had used to expand my clinical research career. The lessons I taught encompassed classroom and field monitoring, source document/CRF review, regulatory guidelines, drug accountability and compliance, and site management. It had everything a CRA trainee needed to learn the job! 

Today I serve as a principal CRA within PPD’s site intelligence and activation team. PPD trained me to be the best clinical researcher I can be and continues to allow me the opportunity to pay it forward.