Weekend Promotes Healthier Lifestyle

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Nearly 300 employees in the Bengaluru, India, office recently enjoyed a weekend of physical activities designed to encourage healthier living habits. Organized as part of the 2015 wellness program, “Healthy Me, Healthy PPD,” the local wellness team emphasized the need for increased physical activity as essential for a healthier life.

The weekend offered something for everyone. Outdoor events included a “Run for Joy,” which attracted 50 team members. Six teams took to the field for the PPD Cricket League Tournament. Enthusiastic tug-of-war competitions drew four teams of women and four teams of men vying to pull opponents over the line.

In a throwball competition, four teams practiced their best serves and throws. Similar to volleyball, throwball is a non-contact sport played across a net between two teams of seven players. Supporters cheered on the participants and employees enjoyed a good time engaging in these fun, low-stress outdoor group activities.

Indoors, about 70 people focused on their breathing techniques while twisting, turning and holding yoga poses. Employees in Mumbai and Gurgaon also participated in the yoga sessions via video conference.

Here’s to the good health of all the participants!