Recruiter Insight: Regulatory Affairs

Simone Hooe is a recruiter in PPD’s Cambridge office. If you are interested in pursuing a career opportunity with Simone, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Interviewer: Tell us more about your role at PPD. What groups do you recruit for?

Hooe: I recruit for all Germany-based functions, but also partner across EMEA for career opportunities within many different areas, including regulatory affairs.

Interviewer: Where are PPD regulatory affairs staff located?

Hooe: Because most regulatory affairs roles function at a global level, PPD has staff located worldwide. We have office-based and home-based staff in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France.

Interviewer: What is the typical recruitment process for regulatory affairs openings at PPD?

Hooe: Upon receipt of an application, the recruiter will conduct an initial screening call to assess the candidate’s experience, background and to learn more about the candidate’s interests and needs for a next position. Once the hiring manager has reviewed the candidate’s resume, the next step is typically a phone interview with the hiring manager. If successful, the candidate will be invited to attend a formal in-person interview with the hiring manager and other members of the regulatory affairs team.

Interviewer: What characteristics do you see as important in a regulatory affairs candidate?

Hooe: It very much depends on the role, but generally speaking, the ideal candidate will have a strong and consistent work background, relevant education and experience in a specialized field, such as clinical trial applications; chemical, manufacturing and controls; or lifecycle management; along with expertise in global, regional, national or country requirements and regulatory affairs procedures.

PPD is primarily a service provider, so having client-vendor relationship management experience is valuable, along with highly effective interpersonal and communications skills. Decision-making, organizational and planning skills are also highly desirable.

Interviewer: If a potential candidate does not see a suitable opening on our careers website, can they contact you speculatively?

Hooe: Yes, absolutely. The area of regulatory affairs is experiencing significant growth. If someone does not see a suitable role open on our careers website, we may have new opportunities in the pipeline that may be a match. I am always interested in speaking with regulatory affairs professionals, and I welcome speculative applications.