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Bulgaria Employees

The employees of our Bulgaria office, in cooperation with the National Alliance for Volunteer Action, recently completed an exciting initiative in the Devin-area municipality, which is in the heart of Rhodope Mountains. Devin is approximately 137 miles (220 kilometers) from Sofia and has a population of several thousand. The National Alliance for Volunteer Action works toward reviving the tradition of volunteerism in Bulgaria and improving the public perception of volunteerism.

More than 270 employees and area locals joined in the activities around the town of Devin and its neighboring villages under the support and direction of Devin’s mayor.

Devin, a popular tourist attraction, draws people to the area’s abundance of hot springs and spas. The region’s mineral springs have a healing reputation, which makes Devin a center for improving health and recovery. The waters, locals claim, have treated and healed disorders of the skeletal, nervous, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. In addition, the water is used for the treatment of allergies, skin disorders and infections. A popular brand of mineral water – Devin – is bottled in the area.

 At the end of the activities and a very busy day, the volunteers attended a festive dinner party where representatives from the municipality presented a letter of appreciation to PPD employees.

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