Hear From an Employee at PPD

Isabel Cespedes, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, PPD, Mexico

When I started to work at PPD, I never thought I would be so engaged with this company, that I would experience so many challenges and that I would grow and learn as much as I have.

Eight years ago, PPD gave me the opportunity to work in the clinical research field. After I started working in this amazing industry, I started to understand the importance and relevance of it.

During my time at PPD, I have worked on both the clinical operations and the regulatory affairs teams, and on both I have felt that my work and activities are relevant to this company’s success. I understand that no matter which area, country or position you are in, the quality and enthusiasm you put into your work are what make a well done job. At the end, the sum of all well done jobs makes PPD a successful company.

I enjoy working at PPD because I am constantly learning; facing new challenges; understanding; doing; making decisions; sharing; and interacting with clients, teams, stakeholders, regulatory authorities, colleagues and others in my country and other countries.

I am grateful to PPD as I have found in this company the opportunity to grow in my professional life. I believe in PPD, and PPD believes in me. 

Mariana Pauli, Associate Director, Clinical Management, PPD, Argentina

I joined PPD in April 2006 as a principal project manager, and I immediately felt comfortable. I was promoted to associate director in February 2008, working first on central nervous systems (CNS) projects only. Currently, I am also working on a key account client. My colleagues at the office in Argentina and a very nice teamwork environment were something that I could appreciate almost immediately. The regional scope has permitted me to know and work with excellent colleagues in other places, particularly in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and the U.S., among others. This variety of interactions allowed me not only to grow professionally but also personally, knowing different cultures and different management styles.

I share my daily activities with a very nice and enthusiastic clinical management team. We have been able to manage studies from the start until their closure, many times working with the same team over several years, celebrating the successes and brainstorming when things did not go as planned. Since PPD is a global CRO, I have had the opportunity to work with many different sponsors. I learned to be flexible and open minded since most clients have their preferred way of doing things.

I enjoy witnessing how team members mature and grow professionally, becoming confident and experienced. It allows me to teach what I have learned and pass it on to those who are just starting. This is always a very motivating experience. I think this is what makes my work so interesting since, with time, you have the opportunity to see how people grow and change -- offering new solutions, thinking out of the box. I am glad that PPD encourages this!

Taisa Neves, Clinical Research Associate, PPD, Brazil

During these nine years at PPD, I have been given the opportunity to work in different departments, explore possibilities and develop professional skills. PPD’s great atmosphere and teamwork environment keep motivating me to do my best to achieve the company’s goals and timelines. It is such an honor to be a part of the PPD team, a place where I have found the best professionals and colleagues.